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Premium Garden Hose: 2020 Expandable Hose Retractable No Kink Triple Layer Latex Water Hose with 3/4″ Brass Connectors and 8 Pattern Spray Nozzle

  • LIGHTWEIGHT FLEX HOSE: A true triple layer latex core hose that never kinks and is super portable
  • DURABLE, HEAVY DUTY: Unbreakable 3/4 inch solid brass quick connect fittings with an anti leak seal 
  • THUMB CONTROL NOZZLE: Enjoy jet, shower, angled, full, soaker, mist, flat and cone sprayer options 
  • MULTI USE: The best outdoor hose to wash your car, pet or house and for watering your lawn or garden
  • COLLAPSIBLE FOR STORAGE: Our small 25ft, 50ft, 75ft and long 100ft expanding hoses easily retract

Product description

Stop lugging around a heavy hose that makes you work harder! The ultra-light Premium Garden Hose  expands up to 3 times its original size during use and quickly shrinks down when you’re done for easy storage and portability. It’s  specially crafted with an extra-strength triple layer latex core and never twists, tangles, leaks or cracks to save you money, repair time  and water resources.

The Premium Garden Hose is the ultimate expanding hose up for any  task! All fittings are metallic and made without flimsy plastic or cheap rubber rings, and the strong 3750D polyester exterior fabric  protects the inner tube from friction and punctures. It can withstand 3-10 bar (145 PSI) water pressure and temperatures ranging from  41-113 degrees F.

The most user friendly garden hose on the market, it features a unique  thumb control water nozzle instead of a trigger to prevent painful cramping in your hand. Four water pressure gradations allow you to  adjust the intensity of the flow, and the zinc alloy nozzle has a soft grip and an adjustable rotary handle sprayer with 8 spray functions  including jet, shower, angled, full, soaker, mist, flat and cone.

Our retractable hose has a wide range of uses  for homes and businesses. It’s ideal for washing cars/boats, bathing pets, cleaning debris off your home, pool or driveway, watering  your lawn/garden, or helping you cool off on a hot day!

We offer hose lengths of 25ft  expanded (8.33ft retracted), 50ft (16.66ft), 75ft (25ft), and 100ft (33.30ft). For space-saving storage, it can be stored in a holder, on a  hanger or inside the storage bag provided. * Note: This hose is expandable up to 3 x, so it has a at rest measure and a measure in use, final measurements are only reached after plugging into your water network.

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